API Portal Legacy: Formatting issue in API documentation from WADL file.
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API Portal Legacy: Formatting issue in API documentation from WADL file.


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CA API Developer Portal


A formatting issue may be seen in the Portal on an Interactive Documentation page which was generated by a WADL. No errors are seen in the logs as it is just a formatting/display issue.


This impacts all API Portal versions 3.5 (including CRs) and older.


In the /SYSTEM/conf/properties.xml file, the property named enableHtml5InEditors may have a value of "no" instead of "yes". A value of "yes" is default, so if the value shows "no" then it was customized.


To resolve, the value of the enableHtml5InEditors attribute in the /SYSTEM/conf/properties.xml file will need to be set to a value of "yes" so that it should read as follows:
<Property name="enableHtml5InEditors" value="yes" />

  1. Open the /admin panel in the Portal, and login as an admin user
  2. Navigate in the content directory to /SYSTEM/conf/properties.xml and click the pencil icon to edit the file
  3. Locate the line that states <Property name="enableHtml5InEditors" value="no" /> and change it to a value of yes so it reads like so: <Property name="enableHtml5InEditors" value="yes" />
  4. Save the changes and then publish the changes too.
  5. Restart the Portal and clear the web browser cache
    • If the cache isn't cleared, the changes may not be noticed by the user that made the changes (however the changes will be visible to other visitors to the documentation page which didn't already have it cached in their browser).