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Service Virtualization


We are planing to upgrade our System from z/OS 2.2 to z/OS 2.4. We are current running DevTest V10 agent. Could you confirm us, if we need to apply any maintenance, or to upgrade it to a new version. In order to make it compatible with the new z/OS 2.4, and to be ready in case we need to roll-back from z/OS 2.4 to z/OS 2.2. And also let us know the EOS of our current version.


Release : 10.0

Component : CA LISA Service Virtualization for Networks


I see you are on Service Virtualization 10 (DevTest 10.0), which is no longer supported. Service Virtualization (DevTest) 10.0 reached EoS (End of Service) on 21-Dec-18. I recommend you consider upgrading to Service Visualization 10.5, just so you are up to date on the product release and are eligible for support. 

As for your question regrading the support of the CICS and LPAR agents running on  z/OS; currently the 10.5 agents only support up to z/OS 2.3.x. We don't support z/OS 2.4 at this time.

  • DevTest CICS Agent:
    • Supported CICS release:
      • CICS version 4.2
      • CICS version 5.1
      • CICS version 5.2
      • CICS version 5.3
      • CICS version 5.4
    • Running under the supported z/OS releases
      • z/OS release 2.1.x
      • z/OS release 2.2.x
      • z/OS release 2.3.x


  • DevTest LPAR Agent
    • Supported z/OS releases
      • z/OS release 2.1.x
      • z/OS release 2.2.x
      • z/OS release 2.3.x


For more information on Supported OS releases, see the DevTest 10.5 Installation documentation, System Requirements. 

Important Update: With the release of DevTest 10.6, we now support z/OS 2.4 for the CICS and LPAR agents

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