IFI-PLAN data collector parameter
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IFI-PLAN data collector parameter


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Trying to use the new IFI-PLAN=XXXXXXX parameter to eliminate rebind  plan/pkg locks while the data collector is running.
The manual says there are no specific requirements for the plan used but what are the steps for creating a new XXXXXX plan to specify on the parameter? 

the following error message is being produced
DBG37034E DATA COLLECTOR UNABLE TO ALLOCATE THREAD USING PLAN NAME xxx AND AUTHORIZATION ID xxx                                                                                              





Release : 20.0

Component : CA Insight Database Performance Monitor for DB for z/OS


The IFI-PLAN parm allows users to specify some dummy plan that can be used
instead of the EXPLAIN plan name,
so that a rebind of the DB2 Tools plans will not fail.

Note it is no longer an issue in DB2 12 with the REBIND PHASE-IN option.