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Session Linker Download Link


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We'd like to get the SessionLinker link to download the version
12.6. Where can we find it ?




Policy Server 12.6 on Windows 2012R2;
Web Agent 12.52SP1CR09 on IIS 10 on Windows 2016;




At first glance you'll find the installer here :

  Solution Document: RS93731

Be aware of the compatibility. If you install the ERP Session Linker
"ca-erp-sessionlinker-12.6-sp01-win64.exe" on an unsupported OS, then
the installer might report error like this one :

  "This Application has Unexpectedly Quit"
  "Invocation of this Java Application has caused an
  lexeraax0$aaa: Windows DLL failed to load
    at Source)
    at Flexeraax0.aa(Unknown Source)
    at com.zerog.ia.installer.LifeCycleManager.init(Unknown Source)
    at com.zerog.ia.installer.LifeCycleManager.executeApplication(Unknown Source)

This error means that the OS is incomptible with this version. You
have to run the Session Linker on these OS only (on date of
2020-01-10) :

  CA Single Sign-On Session Linker 12.6 Platform Support Matrix

    | Policy Server version | Windows | Red Hat 6 | Red Hat 7 |
    |                       | 2012R2  | (64-bit)  | (64 bit)  |
    | Policy Server Version | Yes     | Yes       | Yes       |
    | 12.6.x                |         |           |           |

So for the Policy Server 12.6, you need to install the Session Linker
with the Policy Server on Windows 2012R2, RedHat 6 or 7 only.

As the download page mentions, this package is only to provide the
Session Linker library for the Policy Server 12.6, because the needs
of having 64bit ones.

  SiteMinder Siebel libraries for Policy Server 12.6.1

Note that Policy Server 12.6 is also supported on the exact same OS

 2.1 Operating System for Policy Server & Access Gateway

   | CA Single Sing-  | Windows Server | Red Hat | Solaris |
   | On Component     |                |         |         |
   | Policy Server 64 | 2012R2         | 7       |         |
   | bit              |                | 6       |         |

The Session Linker deamon should run on the Web Agent. Please follow
the Support Matrix for 12.52 :

  CA Session Linker r12.52 Platform Support Matrix

The Session Linker 12.51 is only supported with IIS 8.0 and 8.5, and
as such only supported on Windows 2012R2.

From version 12.6, CA Access Gateway (SPS) has embedded Session
Linker. To be able to run it on Windows 2016, you should run version
12.8 for CA Access Gateway (SPS) and Policy Server. Note that CA
Access Gateway (SPS) has embedded Web Agent, and Web Agent Option Pack

You'll find documentation about enabling and configuring the Session
Linker in CA Access Gateway (SPS) :

  Configure CA Access Gateway to Support the SessionLinker