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Unable to use login page of Clarity after enabling SSO - error "Unable to process request..."


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After enabling SSO login in Clarity, you are no longer able to log in via the Clarity login page.

The error thrown is:

[en - Error][EN - ERROR]
[en - Unable to process request - Server or Network error]




A possible workaround would be to create a new APP to be used for logging in outside the SSO. This new APP will not have SSO enabled.

In case the SSO is going through a Load Balancer, the new APP should not be included in the Load Balancer.

  1. To create a new APP in the same server, just clone the existing APP on the server.
  2. To access the new APP (app2), just use a different port. By default, app service uses port 80. The new app (app2) would be using for instance port 81.

The URL, http:<hostname>:80, would access the app service on the Server A, and the URL http:<hostname>:81 would access the app service on Server A.

  • The app service (app) has SSO enabled (to be included in the load balancer).
  • The cloned app service (app2) does not have SSO enabled (and can be used to access directly the login page of Clarity).