Clarity PPM - Team tab shows Allocation equal to 0
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Clarity PPM - Team tab shows Allocation equal to 0


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Allocation can be displayed in the Team tab (under either "Staff" sub page or "Details" sub page). When there is 0 allocation or no allocation, there is no number displayed in the TSV, as shown below.

However, 0 can also be displayed in the TSV, as shown below. Why does this happen?


Latest Version Tested: 15.7.1


This can happen if the availability defined in Resource properties is a number very near to 0


If the % allocation defined on team properties is also very low - such as 1 or 2%.

In addition, the above coupled with "FTE" display in Team tab can also result in very low numbers that display as 0s.


Increase the availability defined for the resource. A very low availability indicates a possible corruption or unintended change.

Additional Information

The sum of allocations per month, for a single resource can be obtained using the query below. Replace r0901200 with the resource ID against which you notice 0 allocations in Team tab.

select sum(slice), month
from (
    select to_char(extract(month from slice_date)) || '-' || to_char(extract(year from slice_date)) as month
    , pbs.slice
    from prj_blb_slices pbs
    join prteam pr on pr.prid = pbs.prj_object_id
    join srm_resources sr on = pr.prresourceid
    where slice_request_id = 10
    and lower(sr.unique_name) = lower('r0901200')
group by month
order by month asc