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RCQ: Drop Impact Report Notes 'Invalid Package' in the Description Field


Article ID: 142868


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Database Management for DB2 for z/OS - Administration Suite RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS


 In RC/Query a DI (Drop Impact) report on a table shows 'Invalid Package' under Description on the package rows, why?



Release : 20.0

Component :  RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS


Using PF1 HELP on the DI report and choosing Description shows:


    Description:  The impact on an object that is not dropped.  (If this column is blank for all listed objects, no negative impact will be
    felt with the drop of the primary listed object.)

 Values:  Drop Not       This index cannot be dropped.  See the
             Allowed        tablespace for which a drop is required.
             Explicit       This tablespace cannot be implicitly
             Drop           dropped.
             Referenced     The table or view referenced by this alias
             Table/View     will be dropped.

             Plan Invalid   The plan will be invalidated.
             Package        The package will be invalidated.  <<<<

Additional Information

The description field identifies what the impact of dropping the object would be for the dependent or related objects (that are not dropped).