Where are DevTest Passwords Stored?
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Where are DevTest Passwords Stored?


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Service Virtualization


Where are DevTest Passwords Stored?


Release : All Supported releases of DevTest

Component : CA Service Virtualization


The password for the Enterprise Dashboard is stored in the DEVTEST_HOME\dradis.properties file.

The password for the Registry is stored in the DEVTEST_HOME\site.properties file.

The password for IAM is stored in the DEVTEST_HOME\IdentityAccessManager\standalone\configuration\standalone.xml file.

The password is encrypted in the dradis.properties and site.properties file. There is no encryption for IAM.

For the Registry, if you need to change the password, make sure you need take off the _enc from the lisadb.pool.common.password property and then put in the plain text password. Once the Registry is restarted the password will encrypt and put the _enc on the lisadb.pool.common.password property again.

We have no way of retrieving the original password from the encrypted password.