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CA View - SARPAGE lines are showing in Transformed DJDE Report


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The client reports that a View report prints fine on a Xerox printer, but when they browse the report in Web Viewer (PRMODE=DJDE), the data to fill the form is misaligned.

The SARPAGE line prints in the transformed copy of the report on lines with other report data. 

The Xerox printer and CA Spool have access to the same forms, fonts, and JSL.  

We are using CA View 12.2



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


The client found that unless the DJDE statements or the JSL contains some ASSIGN statements (TOF and BOF), CA View cannot determine the end of the page.

They added TOF, BOF and ASSIGN statements to the DJDE (or if they are added to the JSL for this JDE), and they were unable to see any SARPAGE lines in the report data when it transformed.