How to migrate artifacts from an old DE version to the New DE Server
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How to migrate artifacts from an old DE version to the New DE Server


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How can users migrate get all the DE artifacts from the old version a new DE version?



Release : 11.3/12.0/12.1/12.2/12.3



The recommended solution is to download and install the latest DE version on the new server first.

Consult the DE compatibility matrix under the following link for detailed information:


Once DE new version is installed successfully on the new Server, you can use the “Migration Method” to migrate “Artifacts”, “Global Variables” and “History Data” to the new server.

The “Migration Method” preserves the old Server while letting you use the new Server to run your previously defined workload.


The following scenario walks you through the process of upgrading the server using the migration method:



When you run the migration utility, you can choose to migrate artifacts, global variables, or history data, or any combination of them. For example, you can migrate artifacts and history data, but not global variables. You can also skip the migration of application versions during artifacts migration by configuring the migration.default.conf file.


When artifacts are migrated, the migration utility reads them from the source server, converts them to the new format, and stores them in files on the new server.

When the new server is started after migration, the stored artifacts are imported into the new server database.


Tips:  Clean up any old or archived application and events.

Remove any agents that are no longer in use in old server.

Before starting migration, run the following commands in CLI of old server:


MOVEHISTORYDATA  (move as much data possible based on organization policy to archive, e.g.: movehistorydata olderthan("today less 6 month")

PURGEHOMELESSJOBAETDATA  (only in R12.2 and above).

Suspend events on old/source server just before migration, the server must be running with not events or jobs in active state.

The new or target server must have been started once and then shutdown when starting migration


Additional Information

Consult the following DE documentation page for more information about the "Migration Method":