Tibco Start Application Action Inaccurate Response


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


Using the Tibco Action Pack to start Tibco application returns as successful. However, the application failed to start. 


This is related to the API that the action pack uses. The Tibco action pack uses the AppManage command line interface (CLI) to start applications. The AppManage behaves the same way. It does not, that we can find at this time, offer a way to wait for the final status of the start application request. 


Release : 6.6

Component : CA Release Automation Action Pack

Tibco Action Pack Version: 10.5.1413.1



The recommendations for solving this, at this time, are as follows:

1. Identify whether or not AppManage has an undocumented/documented feature to wait for the final status of the application when attempting to start it. 

2. Identify an API that can send the start request and wait for the final status.

3. Identify an API to check the status of the application. 

4. Parse Tibco files to check status. 


The order above also reflects the order of preference - with finding an undocumented/documented feature to instruct AppManage to wait being the most preferred and parsing files being least preferred. 

Options 3 and 4 would be options that need to take place in a loop within your workflow until a final state of the application startup has been reached (or a timeout, via number of occurrences and a delay, be setup).