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Error in TDM Portal Portal Working with Encrypted Passwords


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Using Javelin flows into the TDM Portal invoking passwords.
The passwords being used are encrypted by Javelin but while doing the Generation on the Registered Javelin, the generation fails. 
Not encrypted it works fine.

The Javelin is 2.0.711.0 and there is no error in Javelin flow. 
Invoking a process that exports data and there I have created a variable with the password connection encrypted,
directly in the Javelin the flow runs ok but when I put the password encrypted in the Portal it does not do anything.



CA Test Data Manager -
TDM Web Portal


Need to make change in a Javelin configuration files.


Make the following changes to correct this issue:

In folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Grid-Tools\Javelin, edited Javelin.exe.config and JavelinExecutor.exe.config files with the below code:

In Javelin.exe.config line 17:
    <add key="EnableGlobalDecrypt" value="False" />

set to:
    <add key="EnableGlobalDecrypt" value="True" />

In JavelinExecutor.exe.config line 13:
    <add key="EnableGlobalDecrypt" value="False" />

set to:
     <add key="EnableGlobalDecrypt" value="True" />

EnableGlobalDecrypt=True would ensure that all encrypted variables are decrypted on the fly when the Javelin flow is loaded.