SLA's not attaching to tickets


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CA Service Desk Manager


When assigning Service Types to a given Priority, finding that the selected Service Type for that priority is not being attached to the associated request.



Release : 14.1 and higher


The following is sample content from the OOB Service_Desc table:

"1","sdsc:5403","Priority 1 Resolution","02hr resolution time"
"2","sdsc:5404","Priority 2 Resolution","04hr resolution time"
"3","sdsc:5407","Priority 3 Resolution","08hr resolution time"
"4","sdsc:5405","Priority 4 Resolution","24hr resolution time"
"5","sdsc:5406","Priority 5 Resolution","40hr resolution time"

The above describes the OOB Service_Desc entries that can be associated to each of the five Priorities.  By default, just the Priority 1 value is attached to the corresponding Priority 1 Resolution.

If you plan to introduce Service Types only through Priorities and not through any other means, such as the affected end user's contact record, the selected CI, or the selected Request Area, one can go through all active and inactive entries and assign a very high numerical value to the Rank field, to ensure that the given entries cannot supplant any of the active entries that are associated by the Priority selection.  Once the Rank fields have been populated across all Service Types, paying attention that a lower number value on the Rank field indicates a higher precedence in Rank, the priority values should populate on just the given Service Types that are associated.

Service Desk will handle multiple Service Type sources that can come from the assignee, the CI, the Request Area, and Priority by favouring the highest ranked Service Type that is found among the potential sources. 

In some of the older SDM releases, it was observed that inactive Service Type entries that have been associated from one of the above sources could also be compared for fitness.