Unable to configure failover UIM HUB


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


I have recently installed a new hub following instructions detailed on provided document "CA UIM 8.5.1 - High Availability (HA) setup guide.pdf". Also, the newly installed HUB (on the same domain) is not actually visible from the Primary hub, which is causing some trouble when trying to configure licensing, archive or nas alarm forwarding and replication.


- Configuration


Release : 9.0.2



The Secondary (HA) hub was not showing up in the Infrastructure Manager.


1. Added a Name Services entry via the hub GUI Name Services Tab-window on the Primary hub and entered the IP address of the Secondary (HA) hub and clicked ok.

2. Opened the hub GUI on the Secondary (HA) hub and entered the IP address of the Primary Hub.

Once that was done, the Secondary (HA) hub (which was on the same network), displayed in the IM navigation window on the left side of IM.

After adding the Name Services entry on the Primary for the Secondary and vice versa, the popup error still occurred when trying to add a new entry via the nas probe GUI for nas replication and forwarding.

"Unable to locate any alarm servers in this domain that supports the new forwarding and replication services (version >= 3.0)."

3. Restarted the nas probe on the Primary and the Secondary.

4. Selected Tools->Options and configured the IM session to the Primary.

5. Chose Security->Login. and logged back in to IM.

Opened the nas probe on either hub and could successfully add a new nas replication and forwarding entry without any popup error and continued with the HA configuration.