Does NetOps Performance Management integrate with Moogsoft?
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Does NetOps Performance Management integrate with Moogsoft?


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Does NetOps Performance Management integrate with Moogsoft?


Any version of NetOps Performance Management 


There is no direct integration between NetOps Performance Management and Moogsoft.  The only possibility would be to send trap notifications to Moogsoft or use a script. 

If you chose a trap notification, you would need to configure something on the Moogsoft side to parse the traps

If you use a script, the script would need to take the event info and call some sort of tool, to take that info and send it to Moogsoft.  The script could call curl or something with the event info we export in variables to the script.  But then Moogsoft must be able to interpret / accept the events somehow.


In short, this is an enhancement that would require additional customization to make it work