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Auto Upgrade feature is not working even after all is correctly set


Article ID: 142715


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


Following the required configurations, all is set at Agent and Scalability Server level, the Configuration Policies are applied and each Agent package is staged to Scalability Servers, but the auto upgrade feature is not doing the upgrade on target machines.


Reviewing TRC_USD_SDSERVER log, the following can be seen:

|DETAIL | Searching for version 14.0.1000.194 in supported versions list 14.0.1000.194;14.0.2000.255;14.0.3000.725
|DETAIL | Agent needs an upgrade.

|WARNING| Policy Value = SS_VERSION , Auto Upgrade Version  = 14.0.3000.725
|DETAIL | AgentAutoUpgradeHandler::HandleRequest(). Following DSM Packages would be upgraded
|DETAIL | Name: CA DSM Agent + Software Delivery plugin Version: 14.0.3000.725 Procecure Name Install
|DETAIL | Name: CA DSM Agent + Remote Control plugin Version: 14.0.3000.725 Procecure Name Centrally Managed Host Only
|DETAIL | Name: CA DSM Agent + Asset Management plugin Version: 14.0.3000.725 Procecure Name Install
|DETAIL | Name: CA DSM Agent + Basic Inventory plugin Version: 14.0.3000.725 Procecure Name Install

|DETAIL | AgentAutoUpgradeHandler::HandleRequest(). All packages required for upgrade are staged
|WARNING| AgentAutoUpgradeHandler::HandleRequest(). Additional information is missing.


Client Automation SP2, SP3


Internally, there are some functions doing few validations, and the WARNING seen in the logs means that a validation to "autoupgrade.xml" failed.

This file can be found under ..CA\DSM\SD\ASM\LIBRARY, inside there should be the list of all staged packages, if 14 SP3 packages are missing, the auto upgrade won't be made.

The best way to solve this is to recreate this XML file, stopping CAF services at Scalability Server, rename (or move out) "autoupgrade.xml" and start CAF service again.