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How to generate LDIF backup file without shutting down the DSA


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I would like to backup CA Directory DSA data in LDIF file format without shutting the DSA down. Can I do that?


CA Directory on all platform


Yes, you can do the following

1. Run online DSA backup. 

      dxserver onlinebackup <dsa name>

    The zdb backup file will be generated under dxserver/data directory

2. Run dxdumpdb with -z option

      dxdumpdb -f <dsa name>.ldif -z <dsa name>

    <dsa name>.ldif will be generated

Additional Information

There is a known issue with dxdumpdb utility on Windows platform for DSA with dxgrid-db-size more than 4GB. Please refer the following KB article.

     KB 142686