IBM EREP Records
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IBM EREP Records


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VM:Tape for z/VM


IBM EREP Records.

Does VM:Tape generate IBM EREP Records?


VM:Tape r2.0 running on z/VM operating system.


VM:Tape generates an outboard record (OBR) for the IBM Environmental Record Editing and Printing (EREP) program when it detects temporary and permanent I/O errors. If CP rejects the OBR, VM:Tape generates message 105I. See the Message Reference, for complete message information.

VM:Tape generates an OBR whenever it starts an I/O request to a tape drive and encounters a unit-check condition. Bad media, bad hardware, or bad software (for example, a defective channel program) can cause a unit-check.

The EREP program reads OBRs generated by hardware and software. EREP manipulates these records to produce diagnostic reports about I/O subsystems, tapes, or the processor. You can use EREP information to identify failing hardware and bad media before a device fails. If a device fails, the information that is obtained from EREP aids the hardware service representative in diagnosing the cause.

VM:Tape issues permanent and temporary OBRs for 3420, 3480, 3490E, and 3590-type tape drives.