Can't find out what message BAIPWI20 means.
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Can't find out what message BAIPWI20 means.


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Hi, we are attempting to configure the Netmaster Webcenter interface using the Customizer Panels by updating the WEBCENTER parameter group. When we enter a port number in the Web Interface Port field and press enter we receive the following message.

BAIPWI20 zFS path name does not contain /nmInterface

This message doesn't appear to be documented and I have been unable to find any references on the CA website. 






Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


 I noted that you couldn't find the help for message BAIPWI20. 


There are several ways on the region itself:

  1. For messages in a Customizer Parameter Group, if you select "L" for Ilog for a group, a list of related messages are shown and S or H will show the message help for messages with an ID.
  2. Shortcut /MSGS and then L BAIPWI20 and S or B.
  3. From CMD or OCS put BAIPWI20 in the command field and press F1. 
  4. In the activity log, put the cursor on a message ID and press F1.