Meaning of SERVER in message GSV2554I?
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Meaning of SERVER in message GSV2554I?


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


 Could you please let me know ?

(1) About the message "GSV2554I (MAIN) SERVER   SERVER   ACTIVE " 
What does “SERVER ACTIVE” in this message mean?
Is it possible to change "SERVER ACTIVE" to "SERVERINACTIVE"?

GSVX595I (MAIN) START SERVER command accepted
GSVX637I (MAIN) SERVER task attached
GSVX570I (SERVER) SERVER task initialization started
GSVX571I (SERVER) SERVER task initialization complete

Is SEVER not started by issuing DISABLE SERVER?
I don't know what SERVER is doing, but SERVER is currently in AUTOSTART.
What is that SERVER? What is the use of SERVER?
If the SERVER is not required for using SYSVIEW, I want to stop it. Is it possible?

(2) About VSM messages
In SYSVIEW r14, the following message appears at the end of the SYSVIEW startup process.

GSV2281I (MVSDATA) VSM intercept activated

In r16, this message is not output. Is it correct?
This message is included in the r16 manual, but why is it not output? VSM stands for VIRTUAL STORAGE MANAGER, right?



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


(1) SERVER is a subtask that can be used for various internal services. In 16.0 it is mainly used for JVM monitoring functions. It is intended to always be active. If it is not used it will just sit there idle. Do not disable it.

(2) VSM intercept was used to provide private storage getmain/freemain monitoring. This architecture was changed in SYSVIEW 14.1, so if you are running z/OS 2.2 or later the VSM intercept is no longer used.