How to generate thread dumps of OneClick Client process


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When a Spectrum OneClick client has performance issues, what can be used to troubleshoot and generate stack dumps for either the Windows or Linux OS?




Component : Spectrum OneClick


Generally a OneClick client is running on a Windows workstation.  To generate stack dumps of the OneClick client on a windows machine, the java jstack application is needed.  To obtain this, you need to zip the entire $SPECROOT/java folder from a Windows SpectroSERVER.  Move it to the client machine and unzip it. Launch Windows Process Monitor to obtain the process id of the java client.    Open a command shell and navigate to the folder you unzipped java in and go to the bin directory (where jstack is).  Run jstack on the pid:

jstack java_pid >> jstack.out

For example:

jstack 4339 >> jstack.out

Run this 3x and upload the jstack.out file.

If you are running the OC Client on a linux host, use the kill command to generate the stack:

kill -3 java_pid >> jstack.out

For example:

jstack 4339 >> jstack.out