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CA APM for SSO Investigator metrics vs SiteMinderPSdefs.xml


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE DX Application Performance Management



Not seeing any Keystore metrics even though we have this in the definitions file:

        <metric-def name="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Database|Operations|KeyStore:Average Response Time (ms)" report-metric-as="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Databases|KeyStore:Average Response Time (ms)"/>

        <metric-def name="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Database|Operations|KeyStore:Errors Per Interval"

        report-metric-as="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Databases|KeyStore:Errors Per Interval"/>

        <metric-def name="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Database|Operations|KeyStore:Responses Per Interval" report-metric-as="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Databases|KeyStore:Responses Per Interval"/>


Not seeing Errors per Interval for any of the LDAP userstore directories, even though this is configured in the definitions file: 

        <metric-def name="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|LDAP-Database|$2|Operations|UserStore:Average Response Time (ms)" report-metric-as="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Databases|UserStore|LDAP|$2:Average Response Time (ms)"/>

        <metric-def name="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|LDAP-Database|$2|Operations|UserStore:Errors Per Interval" report-metric-as="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Databases|UserStore|LDAP|$2:Errors Per Interval"/>

        <metric-def name="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|LDAP-Database|$2|Operations|UserStore:Responses Per Interval" report-metric-as="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Databases|UserStore|LDAP|$2:Responses Per Interval"/>


Under the Health section, not seeing Worker Threads in use; instead  seeing Sockets in use being reported even though definitions file has this :

        <metric-def name="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Health|Worker Threads:Currently in Use" report-metric-as="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Health|Worker Threads:Currently In Use"/>


Also, see a whole section for Operations-related metrics for Authorize, IsProtected, etc. and there is nothing in the definitions file for these. 

Where are they coming from?


Release : 13.1

Component : APM Agents


Per engineering,

The real use of metrics present in "SiteMinderPSdefs.xml" is to change the metric path name. it receives from SSO to what needs to be shown in APM Investigator.


For example, the below metric path is taken from "SiteMinderPSdefs.xml".


<metric-def name="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Database|Operations|PolicyStore:Average Response Time (ms)report-metric-as="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Databases|PolicyStore:Average Response Time (ms)"/>


In this the metric path in "Orange" is what is received by APM-SSO from SSO. This metric path is changed to the one in "Yellow" and it is what we show in APM Investigator. You can even see "report-metric-as" in the above definition which is self-explanatory. 

Thus, "SiteMinderPSdefs.xml" file is used to change the metric path names which are revived from SSO to what is being shown in APM investigator. 


Moreover, this change is limited for some metrics only. We receive many other metrics we are not listed in this definitions file. Thus, we see many other metrics. This metric path change is to make the metric path more meaningful.



Coming to not seeing of "KeyStore" / "UserStore" metrics in APM Investigator, APM-SSO acts as a mediator between SSO and APM. It doesn't generate metric or create metrics. It just sends what is received by SSO to APM. Thus what is seen in APM Investigator is what is sent by SSO.

If any metrics are missing such as  "KeyStore" / "UserStore" then SSO itself is not sending. APM-SSO doesn't have any control on metrics being displayed


By design, metrics present in "SiteMinderPSdefs.xml" are used to change the metric path name what it receives from SSO to what needs to be shown in APM Investigator