CA View - ERO Table Using Mix of DGENS and RETPD
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CA View - ERO Table Using Mix of DGENS and RETPD


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Regarding use of ERO of DGENS and RETPD in the same statement, the manual states that DGENS is intended to be used with GENS. 

What happens if the parameters are intermixed?  Is there any impact?

Example:  /ABC           DGENS=3   RETPD=550 




Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The suggestion, in setting ERO retentions, is to use corresponding retention units (DGENS/GENS, DRETPD/RETPD, DCOPIES/COPIES).

Note: DGENS and GENS are determined by SARINIT parm DAYS=xxxxxxx.

If DAYS=YYYYYYY, that means that a generation is considered the same time length as a day.

In the case of:


. With DAYS=YYYYYYY, DGENS would act the same as DRETPD=3, keeping the report on the disk layer for 3 days.
. Otherwise, the report is kept on tape for 550 days.

In the above example, there are no problems with the intermixing of the retentions.

Potentially, there could be problems, though, which would be based on the SARINIT DAYS=... setting.
For example, if there are not a sufficient number of View backups run, the DGENS=3 could be set for an unexpected long time.

Where there could also be a potential problem, would be with an intermixing involving DCOPIES/COPIES, as a "copy" is an occurrence of a report.

Timeframes could get possibly confusing there as well.

In all, View will retain a report for the longest amount of time that it can.