Populating MVL field shows blank in New UX until page is refreshed
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Populating MVL field shows blank in New UX until page is refreshed


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When selecting values in a Multi-Select lookup field in the New User Experience (UX/UI), the field briefly refreshes showing the selections and then it goes blank. Looking in the Classic UI, you can see the values selected.  Refreshing the browser in the New UI shows the values on the page. 


  1. Create a static lookup in Classic UI
  2. Create a Multi-Select Lookup attribute on a Project object using lookup created in step one
  3. Add the lookup attribute created in step two to the Project Summary page in the Project properties view of the Project object
  4. Create a Project instance in Classic and associate it with a Blueprint. (ensure lookup attribute is on Project Summary page)
  5. Add the lookup attribute to the Blueprint associated with the project in step four above
  6. In New UI, click to open the project and on the 'Details' tab to display Project Summary page
  7. Select multiple values from the multi-value lookup and click away 

Expected Results: Selected values should be displayed in the lookup. 

Actual Results: The lookup is displayed as empty just like no values were selected. 


Clarity 15.6, 15.6.1, 15.7.0, 15.7.1,


This is caused by DE52398


This is fixed in Clarity 15.8 and has been back ported to Cumulative Patch 2 for Clarity (

Workaround: Refresh the browser in the New UI to display lookup values or navigate to another page and back.