CA PPM Issue with Ad Hoc Reporting in Clarity Jaspersoft


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Clarity PPM On Premise


An issue with the Ad Hoc reporting in Clarity Jaspersoft. When creating or loading an Ad Hoc view, we are unable to change the Drop down menus on the toolbar.  They stay stagnant and are highlighted by blue.   

This is happening on a view we just created, on a view that is saved and on multiple domains of data.  It is happening on different computers and profiles. 




After upgrading Firefox browser to version 68.0.x, users have an issue with making a selection from the drop-down menu in the Ad Hoc View Panel.


The values cannot change when clicking on the drop down list.


Release : 15.3

Component : CA PPM Jaspersoft 


This is a known defect JS-34685: Dropdown in Ad Hoc View not working with Firefox v.68


This defect will be fixed in the next major release

Until a fix is in place, the workarounds available are:

  1. Use a different internet browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer.

  2. Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys from the keyboard to make the selection.