Data Model Scan Discovering More Tables Than What is in Schema


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


* Have a new environment where running a scan on an Oracle 11g schema with 3 tables.
* When the scan starts it does not display the message "Scanning metadata", it shows "Scan is starting, please wait" and runs for a very long time.
* Do a Cancel, but scan never stops, ending up having to stop the TDM Portal service.
* The only error is seen the TDMModelService.log: 
2019-12-19 15:24:22.775 UTC [ERROR] [https-jsse-nio-8443-exec-1] --- [U:apptdmadmin2][M:POST][P:/api/ca/v1/datamodel/profile/actions/cancelJob]                       c.c.t.d.s.ProfileJobService:  Job cancel request returned CONFLICT, normally indicates that the job is not cancellable: The job with id :184 is not in a state which can be cancelled. State: Completed

* Stopped the TDM Portal service.
* Deleted all the log files.
* Cleared cache on the browser.
* Started the TDM Portal service.
* Logged into Portal 
* Choose Data Model and see message:

 The Scan cannot be completed.

Scan marked as failed due to TDM re-start

* Deleted the failed scan.
* Go back to Data Model for one of the tables in are schema and see a warning message "Warning: Data Model is out of sync with environment"
* From the Actions dropdown choose "Rescan Data Model"
* Goes back to Environments, choose are same environment.
* Went to the Connection Profile we were using to validate. The connection works.
* Did the scan again and this time we see the "Scanning metadata" message, but the number of tables being discovered is way over 2700, when the schema only has 3 tables.

* Tried to cancel, but cancel not working.
* Deleted the Environment.
* Created a New Environment.
* Start scan again but still discovering too many tables. Did a cancel and this time it worked.


Missing Schema Name on Connection Profile.


Release :

Component : CA Test Data Manager - TDM Web Portal


Needed to specify the Schema Name on the Connection Profile. Without specifying the schema the scan was doing all tables.