Data Model Scan Discovering More Tables Than What is in Schema
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Data Model Scan Discovering More Tables Than What is in Schema


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


* Have a new environment where running a scan on an Oracle 11g schema with 3 tables.
* When the scan starts it does not display the message "Scanning metadata", it shows "Scan is starting, please wait" and runs for a very long time.
* Do a Cancel, but scan never stops, ending up having to stop the TDM Portal service.
* The only error is seen the TDMModelService.log: 
2019-12-19 15:24:22.775 UTC [ERROR] [https-jsse-nio-8443-exec-1] --- [U:apptdmadmin2][M:POST][P:/api/ca/v1/datamodel/profile/actions/cancelJob]                       c.c.t.d.s.ProfileJobService:  Job cancel request returned CONFLICT, normally indicates that the job is not cancellable: The job with id :184 is not in a state which can be cancelled. State: Completed

* Stopped the TDM Portal service.
* Deleted all the log files.
* Cleared cache on the browser.
* Started the TDM Portal service.
* Logged into Portal 
* Choose Data Model and see message:

 The Scan cannot be completed.

Scan marked as failed due to TDM re-start

* Deleted the failed scan.
* Go back to Data Model for one of the tables in are schema and see a warning message "Warning: Data Model is out of sync with environment"
* From the Actions dropdown choose "Rescan Data Model"
* Goes back to Environments, choose are same environment.
* Went to the Connection Profile we were using to validate. The connection works.
* Did the scan again and this time we see the "Scanning metadata" message, but the number of tables being discovered is way over 2700, when the schema only has 3 tables.

* Tried to cancel, but cancel not working.
* Deleted the Environment.
* Created a New Environment.
* Start scan again but still discovering too many tables. Did a cancel and this time it worked.


Test Data Manager 
TDM Web Portal


Missing Schema Name on Connection Profile.


Needed to specify the Schema Name on the Connection Profile.
Without specifying the schema the scan was doing all tables.