Jobs with a new user not running CA WA Agent for SAP
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Jobs with a new user not running CA WA Agent for SAP


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CA WA Plugin for SAP installed on new host and the jobs are failing or not completing.


CA Workload Automation Agent for SAP


From WA Agent log:

XX/20/2019 07:31:XX.XXX UTC  TCP/IP Controller Plugin.Receiver pool thread <Regular:2>.CybReceiverSession.accept[:276] - Message received: 2019XX20 0731XXX  WA_AGENT PRD_SCH 112345.5678901_1/WAAE_WF0.1/MAIN RUN RFC Data(JOBCOPYANDSTART(JobCount=1234500,Jobname="SOME JOB WORKFLOW",ChildMonitor=N,StartMode=A,User=sapuser123,Password=)) MFUser(user1234)

Password field is blank.  The SAP side will not let the user connect without a password.  The password comes from the manager to the WA Agent.


Make sure the password for the user has been properly entered in the Manager side.

For Autosys, the password for the SAP user must be present in autosys_secure.