mts Error messages Observed on SpectroServer in SCP and VNM.OUT


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Spectrum uses a 3rd party memory management utility that is more efficient at processing memory.  Sometimes warning/error messages print to the $SPECROOT/SS/VNM.OUT (and Spectrum Control Panel) indicating an issue.  For example:

mts: corrupt pending free list at address 0xc5221b60

?      thread id 13c8, mts heap addr 0x560b67c0

?      page type mts_small_same_active_mts_info allocation size 32

?      *v = ffffffff *(v+1) = ffffffff ~*v = 0

?      *v as string:

MTS error: 1 04:25:2020 09:27:32:859? mts: possible cross thread double delete at address 0x99eda8e0

                       ?      thread id 1794, mts heap addr 0xd2c667c0

                       ?      page type mts_small_same_active_mts_info allocation size 32

                       ?      *v = 99edad00 *(v+1) = 661252ff ~*v = 661252ff

                       ?      *v as string:


Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


These messages are benign unless they cause issues with the SpectroSERVER.  Possible issues would either be a SpectroSERVER crash or the SS will not fully start.

If you experience a crash or the SS will not start and you see these messages, switch to the non-mts version of the SpectroSERVER.
This will change the memory management to the OS vs using MTS.

Copy $SPECROOT/SS/SpectroSERVER(exe) to SpectroSERVER_orig(.exe)
Copy $SPECROOT/SS/support/SpectroSERVER_nomts(.exe) back to $SPECROOT/SS
Rename $SPECROOT/SS/SpectroSERVER_nomts(.exe)  to SpectroSERVER(.exe)
Start the SpectroSERVER