Deployment Profile Status widget not working correctly
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Deployment Profile Status widget not working correctly


Article ID: 142509


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Actual deployment profiles contain error while widget display shows OK

  • Some of the profiles have error-symbol next to them due to missing or inactive agents.

  • Meanwhile, Deployment Profile Status widget shows all of those profiles as OK instead of warning/error:


Release : 12.2

Component : RELEASE MANAGER v9



  • If multiple Targets are assigned to a Component the first number displayed in the widget can be higher then the 2nd one (e.g. 22 of 2 Components are assigned)
  • Nested Components are counted as regular Components in the widget
  • The calculated status in the widget is based on the number of assigned Targets to Components whereas the status at the Profile view is based on the fact if every Component has at least one assigned Target ==> if not all Components have a Target assigned the status in the widget must also be "Warning"


It is fixed in the following versions:

  • Release.Manager 9.0.5 (Planned release: 2020-02-10)
  • Release.Manager 10.0.2 (Planned release: 2020-02-24)
  • Release.Manager 11.0.0 (Planned release: 2020-03-31)