% Complete changes for tasks without assignments if % is > 0 when exported to MSP
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% Complete changes for tasks without assignments if % is > 0 when exported to MSP


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If the task is updated in Clarity and does not have assignments, if you update the task’s % Complete to something greater than 0, it changes back to 0% in Microsoft Project (MSP)

  • For tasks changed from 0 % to 100% Complete: This doesn’t happen if you update the % Complete in MSP
  • If the task is >0% Complete but less then 100%, the task % Complete changes whether it was updated in MSP or Clarity


  1. Create a new project in Clarity
  2. Add a new task to the project (Can be fixed units or fixed duration)
  3. Change the task status to ‘Completed’ and % Complete to “100”
  4. Export the project from Clarity to MSP

Expected Results: Task % Complete is 100% in MSP

Actual Results: Task % Complete is 0% in MSP

Additional Symptoms

Additional symptoms for tasks where >0% Complete but less than 100%:

  1. Update task % complete in MSP to 10%
  2. Save project to Clarity
  3. % Complete is correct in Clarity
  4. However, when you export the project back to MSP, it reverts back to 0% Complete

Task Status in MSP Changes to Late, Future Task, etc:

As part of this issue, since the task is no longer "Complete", then the status of the task will also change to a status such as Late or Future Task calculated based on how the Status Date field is populated in MSP. See MSP not recognizing tasks as Late when they are Past Due for more information.

MSP Issue with saving tasks:

In MSP, some of the tasks are updated to 100% and completed, then saved back to Clarity.  The changes reflect in the Gantt.  However, when opening the same project in MSP again, it shows the old status of the tasks (Incomplete and marked as late with varying percentages).


Release : 15.7, 15.7.1

Component : Clarity Microsoft Project


Caused by DE52504


Fixed in Clarity 15.8.


For 100% Complete tasks:

  • Update the % Complete in MSP

For tasks >0% and less than 100%:

  • The one workaround would be to add an assignment to the task
  • Ensure that 'Update Task Status Updates Resource Status field in the Tools>Options in MSP is also Unchecked for the project
  • This workaround isn't viable for milestone tasks since these can't have assignments in Clarity

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