% Complete changes for tasks without assignments if % is > 0 when exported to MSP


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If the task is updated in Clarity PPM, and does not have assignments, if you update the task’s % Complete to something greater than 0, it changes back to 0% in Microsoft Project (MSP)

  • For tasks changed from 0 % to 100% Complete: This doesn’t happen if you update the % Complete in MSP
  • If the task is >0% Complete but less then 100%, the task % Complete changes whether it was updated in MSP or Clarity


  1. Create a new project in Clarity
  2. Add a new task to the project (Can be fixed units or fixed duration)
  3. Change the task status to ‘Completed’ and % Complete to “100”
  4. Export the project from Clarity to MSP

Expected Results: Task % Complete is 100% in MSP

Actual Results: Task % Complete is 0% in MSP

Note: Additional symptoms for tasks where >0% Complete but less then 100%:

  1. Update task % complete in MSP to 10%
  2. Save project to Clarity PPM
  3. % Complete is correct in Clarity PPM
  4. However, when you export the project back to MSP, it reverts back to 0% Complete


This issue is caused by DE52504


Release : 15.7, 15.7.1

Component : Clarity PPM Microsoft Project
  • For MSP Click to Run, it happens on the Microsoft Project Interface Bidirectional but not lightweight version.
  • For Microsoft Project MSI, this happens on both Bidirectional and lightweight versions due to a MSP Defect: 187944


This issue is fixed in Clarity PPM 15.8.


  1. For 100% Complete tasks:
    • Update the % Complete in MSP
  2. For tasks >0% and less then 100%:
    • The one workaround would be to add an assignment to the task
    • Ensure that 'Update Task Status Updates Resource Status field in the Tools>Options in MSP is also Unchecked for the project
    • This workaround isn't viable for milestone tasks since these can't have assignments in Clarity

Additional Information

  • If the above doesn't help, see also: 187944 - MSP % Complete changes with tasks with no assignments if % Complete >0 and <100 for an issue related to MSP MSI versions
  • Clarity PPM and MSP integration known defects - Support Technical Document Index (KB: 15956)
  • Clarity PPM and MSP integration - List of knowledge documents (KB: 71385)
  • See KB: 141061 for tips on how to optimize use of Self Service for Clarity PPM