Service Desk Manager - A Created "Employee-based" Role is not able to download attachments created by other users


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I have created an Access Type and Role that is used by "Employee" based users, but things were adjusted to allow the Role to see cases for other users. I can see the cases, but can't see attachments on those cases.


Release : 17.2



An important thing to consider, which may cause this type of issue to occur, is that Service Desk uses a different method of authentication to access an attachment than to access a ticket.

When a ticket (Request/Incident/Problem/Change Order/Issue) is opened, it uses the Role you are logged in with.

When an attachment on a ticket is opened it is using the "Command Line Utility Role" associated to the contact's Access Type.

A problem may be seen if the new Access Type was created by copying an Access Type that has a different Role that has different rights. To confirm this:

1. Log into Service Desk Manager with an Administrator Role

2. Go to the Administration Tab, go to "Security and Role Management", then "Access Types"

3. Open the Access Type that is associated to the contact that has the problem.

4. Go to the "Roles" Tab, at the top of the tab you'll see the following:

Notice here that the "Command Line Utility Role" is "Employee". You would want to update these Roles to match the Role that the user typically uses, which would prevent a mismatch of rights.