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Upgrade fails with no protocol: //niku/soap


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Clarity PPM On Premise


When upgrading Clarity, the install script fails with error: 

12/11/19 10:17 AM (ExecTask) Creating launch configuration: servicebeaconcmd-diag
12/11/19 10:17 AM (ExecTask) Copying 1 file to D:\Clarity\bin
12/11/19 10:17 AM (ExecTask) Copying 1 file to D:\Clarity\bin
12/11/19 10:17 AM (ExecTask) 
12/11/19 10:17 AM (ExecTask) Failure occured: 
12/11/19 10:17 AM (ExecTask) D:\Clarity\.setup\scripts\deploy.xml:133: no protocol: //niku/soap
12/11/19 10:17 AM (ExecTask) 
12/11/19 10:17 AM (ExecTask) See admin.log file for possible errors, or try -verbose option.
12/11/19 10:17 AM (UnknownElement) Task "exec" finished with error.
D:\Install\15.7\install-packages\15.7.0\install.xml:629: exec returned: 1


Release : Clarity 15.7 and higher


The issue is that entryURL is not filled in the properties.xml or CSA:

<webServerInstance id="app" entryUrl="" sslEntryUrl="" port="80" enablePort="false" sslPort="443" enableSSLPort="true" address=""

We recommend using the same URL as the one you're using to connect, i.e. set it to Save and Restart services

Note: It does not matter that it's HTTPS.



1. Rollback 

2. Then set the entryURL as explained in either properties.xml or CSA, Save, restart and stop services

3. Start the upgrade again.