Window's Users credentials migration configured via autosys_secure
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Window's Users credentials migration configured via autosys_secure


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Is there any method export the Windows User's credentials (Account & passwords) that are registered via autosys_secure from one environment and import them into another?


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


The windows job owners and their passwords that you entered into autosys_secure are stored in the autosys database, specifically the ujo_cred table.

If you are upgrading AutoSys and keeping the database such that the database is being upgraded too then that information will still be available after the upgrade.

It would only be if you are installing a brand new AE instance and not carrying over the database that it would not be available to you automatically.

Even if you installed AE on a new system in a new db, if the AUTOSERV values are the same you can use autobcp to copy the data from one db to another, or if this new instance really will be separate and have a different
AUTOSERV then you can copy the contents of the ujo_cred table from the old database to the new.

NOTE - This is assuming the source and target AutoSys instances are the same major release.  

Meaning you can go from 11.0 sp1 to 11.0 sp5, or 11.3.6 sp5 to 11.3.6 sp8 but you cannot copy the table's contents from 11.0.x and move it to 11.3.x as the encryption methods are different.