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USM popout showing different interface utilization to chart in details tab


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When clicking the popout for interface utilization chart in USM Details tab the popout chart shows different data

We discovered some network device and while we check the device interface utilization it shows different data for BytesIn/Out but when we click to expand it it shows different data.

Similarly for some device The Chart Title and data seems to contain multiple entries





CA UIM 9.2 on windows 2012
hub 9.20HF6
data engine 9.20HF3
ump_USM 9.20 HF2
SNMP collector 4.03
Robot 9.20


In the first example where the USM chart seemed to show different data to the popout (qoschart)

this is explained by the fact that the values are significantly different BytesIn is in an approximate range of 4MB to 7MB whereas BytesOut is 200K to 700K

In the USM chart we can only display 1 Y axis so the scale is in MB. This has the effect that the BytesOut plot seems almost flat as all the data points sit between 0 and 1 MB

In the qoschart we can display 2 Y Axis , the left in MB and the right in KB. thus each plot is able to be charted displaying more data.

In the example where the chart title BytesIn / BytesIn / BytesOut / BytesOut this is explained by the fact that the hub has been renamed.
This caused the Origin of the qos data to be changed and new rows in the qos table to be created.
The solution to this is to delete the data from the S_QOS_DATA table for the old incorrect Origin.