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What does control the time stamp of the project team Start and Finish dates?


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When the Start (prAvailStart) and Finish (prAvailFinish) fields are configured to display on a Date and Time format, we see different time stamps.
If we try to change the time stamps, those revert back after saving.
What does govern those time stamps? 


When you add a team member to the project, the team member prAvailStart and prAvailFinish default to the project Start (schedule_start) and Finish (schedule_finish)
The time stamps set are 8.00 am for the prAvailStart and 5.00 pm for the prAvailFinish fields.

If you edit the team member properties you see the Investment Start Date and Investment Finish Dates populated
You also see the Requirement Start and Finish Dates being blank.

If you populate those fields, the time stamp varies.
If the Requirement Start Date is greater than the Investment Start Date, then the time stamp defaults to 12.00 am
If the Requirement Finish Date is less than the Investment Finish Date, then the time stamp defaults to 12.00 am

If on Staff Member Properties view, the Requirement Start and Requirement Finish Dates are set to display a date and time format:

The first time you populate them, you are able to set the time stamp as you wish. Consequent changes to those dates will default back to the time stamp you initially set.
If you try to change the time stamp, this will revert back to the one you initially set.
If you blank out the fields and re-enter the fields without specifying the time stamp, then this will default back to 12.00 am for prAvailStart and 12.00 am for prAvailFinish