Policy Server not starting
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Policy Server not starting


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We're trying to start the Policy Server with command :

 # ./start-all

and the Policy Server doesn't start and reports error :

  Policy server did not start properly. Please check the logs for more

How can we fix that ?




Policy Server 12.8SP2 on RedHat 7;




At first glance, according to the log, the Policy Server is not able
to connect to the Policy Store and as such, it shuts itself down.

  [3919/140134116865856][Wed Dec 11 2019
  05:48:59][smldaputils.cpp:523][INFO][sm-Ldap-00540] Opening policy
  store connection to LDAP server: ' '

  [3919/140134116865856][Wed Dec 11 2019
  05:48:59][smldaputils.cpp:1073][ERROR][sm-Ldap-01600] SmObjLdap
  failed to bind to LDAP server as
  uid=myadmin,ou=myaccounts,o=policystore . LDAP error 91-Can't
  connect to the LDAP server

  [3919/140134116865856][Wed Dec 11 2019
  05:48:59][CServer.cpp:4552][INFO][sm-Server-01880] smpolicysrv
  shutting down




In order to have it running fine when the Policy Store is down, please
upgrade the Policy Server to 12.8SP3 to benefit from this fix :

Defects Fixed in 12.8.03

  1149283 DE337750 Policy Server fails to work if policy store fails
  to function for two hours or more