Unable to connect to MSSQL DB using sqlserver probe


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Customer is unable to connect to the MSSQL DBs when TLS1.2 is enabled in server and trying to connect with latest version (5.42) of  sqlserver probe with TLS option.
Getting timeout error when testing without enabling TLS enabled option and attached the error snap getting while trying by enabling TLS enabled option.


While using @#$ sequence in the password, the hash code generated by probe while encrypting the password is causing the issue.


Release : 9.0.2
Robot version : 7.97
sqlserver: 5.42


This issue can be resolved with following steps.
1. Deploy the attached sqlserver test build (5.41T4)
2. Change the sequence of special characters in the password or with new password.
NOTE: Development team is working on the defect# DE442269 and it will be released with next GA version of the probe.
In case if any issue, please feel free to contact support team and mention the above defect number.

Additional Information

TLS 1.0 can help, in some  other the 1.1 made it worked or the 1.2, and in some other case the 3 of them had to be enabled, in some other cases activating SSL option made it worked.


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