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Modern UX project module only displays 500 views


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Any saved view outside the 500 displayed can not be found


1. Go to new UX and Project module
2. Create 1000's of saved views via API or manually
3. Login as user
4. Go to new UX and Project module and check the list of saved views

Expected Results: To be able to select any saved view
Actual Results: Only 500 views are displayed.


Clarity PPM 15.7, 15.7.1 


This is caused by DE52478

Looking at the API call and trace it looks like it pulls only 500 records and in SQL trace also its rownum < 500. 
1.   {_pageSize: 500,…}
1.   _pageSize: 500
2.   _recordsReturned: 215
3.   _results: [{isRequired: false, code: "percent_complete", defaultValue: "0", dataType: "number",…},…]
4.   _self: "http://<Clarityserver>"
5.   _totalCount: 215


This is fixed within 15.8
The change that has been implemented is that the Views pull-down will now have infinite scrolling.  
If there are more than 500 views in the pull-down, the user can scroll through the full listing.
This change is also part of additional enhancements for the views pull-down listing that groups 'Defaults' and 'Favorites' and other views.