Is it possible to use OpenJDK with Workload Automation DE ?


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CA Workload Automation DE


We are migrating to Workload Automation DE 12.2 Release. We would like to know which Java version we can use?



Workload Automation DE 12.2 Release


In Workload Automation DE 12.2 Release installation media, JRE is supplied.

The Oracle (formerly SUN) JRE 1.8.181 (64-bit) Release is supplied with DE 12.2.

You can consult the following documentation page for more detailed information:

JRE is supplied with the server on all platforms except z/Linux. For z/Linux, install the required JRE versions.

The future releases of DE coming "after" 12.2 Release will Not provide the JRE.

With the future releases you will be able to use the OpenJDK.