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Spectrum Webapp uses memory, does not stop java and leaves sockets in CLOSE_WAIT


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There are two problems:

1. There are as many java processes as there are Web View clients.  Each of these processes uses between 400 and 800 MB of resident mem, and they don't go away when the web view is closed.  It's eating up mem.

2. There are sockets in CLOSE_WAIT, and it seems to be spiking file descriptors at times.  


These are known limitations of the WebApp


Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The memory usage by the Spectrum WebApp utility is known to be resource intense.  

The 10.3/10.4 Spectrum documentation notes:

Memory Requirements for OneClick WebApp web server:  
For every new session that opens in the client, OneClick WebApp takes around 300 MB to 500 MB of server memory, as it creates a java process for each client.

In order for the users WebApp java process to stop and the sockets to close, users need to CLOSE the WebApp view by selecting File -> Close.  If the user just kills the browser, the sockets and java process could take up to 24 hours to terminate.


Additional Information

Broadcom engineering is working on revising the WebApp code so that not as much memory is needed.  This is being done for a future release of NetOps.