DataMaker Crash with GTSubset and Large Amount of Tables
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DataMaker Crash with GTSubset and Large Amount of Tables


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are trying to create a cloning process based on the created Subset extract. 

Please see the steps below.  

1. We have created the Subset extracts process for around 490 tables which includes relationships. Saved this extract as "SubsetExtract"
2. We are trying to do the Cloning using this Subset extract as a Base from DataMaker.
3. We are not able to proceed further. The system goes into a not responding state for hours before it crashes.
4. If we try this same process including fewer tables (<10)- we get the output without any issues.
    However, when we tried with 99 tables - the process took hours before it went to subsequent screens.
5. Please note that the java memory configuration for GTSubset is set to java -Xms2000M -Xmx4000M


Test Data Manager


Limitation of Datamaker since it is 32-bit.


This is a known Datamaker memory limitation due to Datamaker being a 32-bit application when trying to use a large number of tables in GTSubset.
The only solution that is available for the moment is to reduce the number of tables in subset.