How to Verify the Installation and Configuration CA LDAP Server?
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How to Verify the Installation and Configuration CA LDAP Server?


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Applying maintenance to CA LDAP sever (first time for me) is there an IVP that can be used to check out the maintenance?


Release : 15.1
Component : CA LDAP Server for z/OS


The 'ldaptest' command can used to verify the installation and configuration of the CA LDAP server.

To verify the installation and configuration:

  1. Verify that the CA LDAP Server started task is running.
  2. Log in to UNIX System Services (USS) OMVS from TSO.
  3. Change to the installation directory:
    cd /ldap_install_directory/
  4. Execute ldaptest:

ldaptest [-f outfile][-h host_name -p port_value] -u userID -w password 

./ldaptest -u USER001 -w MYPASS -h -p nnn


  • -f outfile (Optional) Specifies the file location for the test's output log file. You need write permission for the target directory.
    Default: IVPlog.txt
  • -h host_name Specifies the host name or IP address (not in URL format) that runs a CA LDAP Server that accepts an ldap:// connection. Default: localhost
  • -p port_value Specifies the TCP port where the CA LDAP Server runs. Default: nnn
  • -u userID Specifies the user ID defined to the security manager.
  • -w password Specifies the password for the supplied user ID.