CA 7 file structure for the LOG records
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CA 7 file structure for the LOG records


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CA 7 Workload Automation


CA 7 file structure for the LOGP/LOGS records.


WA CA 7  Edition


Information about CA 7 Log datasets:

If CA 7 is active, then one of the log files will be open and being written to and the other log would be closed.  To determine the current active log file, issue the CA 7 command of /DISPLAY,DB=LOG and the first dataset displayed is the active log file.   

The format of the log records (VB) can be different between releases of CA 7.

For example, the records containing the JQREC data are different with the schd id value being 2 bytes with Release 12.0 (and some other things).    

The SASS7LOG macro from the CAL2MAC library maps out all the records.