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Device discovered without Reachability support in Performance Management


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Devices are discovered but show an Unknown Status in Performance Management and Data Aggregator Views.

The devices also have no Reachability metric data being shown in reports but the device is up and reachable.

These are devices that do not support the sysUpTime MIB OID that is normally used for Reachability when ICMP is not supported.


Discovery Profile set to not use ICMP resulted in no ICMP Protocol support for the device. Without that it will never attempt to use ICMP to communicate with the devices.

Without ICMP Performance Management normally uses sysUpTime as an alternative. In this case, with these being Meraki devices that don't support that, Reachability support failed to be discovered and no status or Reachability metric data was gathered.


All supported Performance Management releases


Set up a Discovery Profile set to use ICMP. Run it against affected devices. This will set ICMP Protocol support on the devices, and the discovery will attempt to discover the ICMP Vendor Certification for ping based Reachability metric data.

Additional Information

DE443375 was submitted to have the "Cisco Meraki System Statistics" Vendor Certification added to the Reachability Metric Family as a default. With that in place, when Meraki devices are discovered where ICMP is not supported, it should find support for the Meraki specific Reachability Vendor Certification which gathers Reachability without need for ICMP or sysUpTime support. Until a release is available that contains that change, the following REST steps can be used to set up the same configuration.

Run a REST PUT against the following URL. Replace DA with the DA host name or IP address.

Use the following Body in the PUT request issued:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Auto-generated by the type catalog local manager.-->
<DataModel namespace="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="SNMPCertificationFacet.xsd">
  <FacetType name="CiscoMerakiManagementMib" descriptorClass="">
    <FacetOf namespace="" name="Item" />
      <ExpressionGroup destCert="{}NormalizedReachabilityInfo" name="NRM_ReachabilityInfo">
        <Expression destAttr="IsAlive">isdef (sysObjectID)</Expression>
        <Expression destAttr="Reachability">isdef(sysObjectID)? 100 : 0</Expression>

It will use sysObjectID to determine if it can reach the device via SNMP.