Automatic closure of the Incidents related to a Problem


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We would like to know whether it is possible to automate the closure of incidents attached to a problem when that problem is closed.


Release : 17.x



The Problem detail form has the Parent/Child Tab and the Attached Incidents Tab.

When option leave_children_open is not installed then the child tickets in the Parent/Child Tab are closed when the problem is closed but the incidents in the Attached Incidents Tab are not closed automatically. This is working as designed.

To obtain the same behavior i.e. automatic closure for the incidents in the Attached Incidents Tab, an Idea need to be opened in the ServiceDesk Forum in order to be checked/evaluated for a future release.

But a way to achieve what you want :

If you install the environment variable  NX_TICKET_REL=Yes (see article in Additional Information section below)

then  in the Parent/Children Tab for a problem , you can have Incidents related too (see Note below) and then when parent problem is closed , all the tickets  in the Parent/Child Tab (problems and incidents) are closed too (when Leave_Children_Open option not installed).


Update children cannot be used for cross ticket relationships. This has to be done only through Parent field, i.e. 

in order to relate an incident as a child  for a parent problem, you have to go to the Incident detail form and inform that the problem is the parent, after this, the incident will be listed in the Parent/Child Tab for the problem.

Additional Information

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