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Views not available in Oracle DB for IG


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We have upgraded from  Vapp Identity Governance 14.1 to 14.2. Also the DB we are using is Oracle instead of MSSQL. We are checking for views in oracle DB that was present in MSSQL but not able to find any view in Oracle. 

We had the business need to use the MSSQL query to get the report. For example:

SELECT [RoleName],[ResName1],[ResName2],[ResName3] FROM [ig_sdb].[dbo].[SAGE_LINKS_ROLE_RESOURCE_VIEW] WHERE RoleName like '%Disconnected%'

Now such queries to be used for Oracle DB. However, we are not seeing any views. Could you please help us to continue this business need using ORACLE DB.

Software details:

IG: Vapp Identity Governance 14.2

Oracle: Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production


Release : 14.2



  You may just have to try using a tool like this to convert the queries:


For example, I pasted this in the first window:

SELECT [RoleName],[ResName1],[ResName2],[ResName3]FROM [ig_sdb].[dbo].[SAGE_LINKS_ROLE_RESOURCE_VIEW] WHERE RoleName like '%Disconnected%'

Chose MSSQL, and the second window changed to oracle and clicked the convert button and was suplied with this:

SELECT RoleName,ResName1,ResName2,ResName3FROM [ig_sdb].dbo WHERE RoleName like '%Disconnected%'

Try this new format and if it works use the tool to change the remaining queries.