Secure Domain Connector (SDC) function to work with Network configuration Manager (NCM) and Telnet/SSH


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Are there plans to add more functions to Secure Domain Connector (SDC) to work with Network Configuration Manager (NCM), and allow Telnet and SSH connections?
This enhancement request was already discussed and required in the Communities Ideation section:  

Currently in Spectrum 10.4 and previous versions, SDC allows secure communication only, so telnet is not supported.
And NCM operations are not not possible with SDC devices as NCM requires directly managed devices. 


Spectrum 10.4 and previous versions 

Secure Domain Connector
Network Configuration Manager


Support for Network Configuration Manager (NCM) on Secure Domain Connector (SDC) will be available in Spectrum 10.4.1 release.
Spectrum 10.4.1 supports NCM operations (e.g. load/capture configurations) on the SDC-managed models under a private network. In 10.4.1, when installing SDC, NCM is automatically installed as a service as a part of SDC.

Note that only SSH support is available as part of Spectrum 10.4.1.