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Upgrade of CA PAM from version 3.0.X to 3.X fails


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM) CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC)


Trying to upgrade from CA PAM 3.0.X  to version 3.X, the upgrade fails. After apply the patching, even if the server is rebooted, it still shows he old version


This is a known issue when the CA PAM 3.0.X appliance has been upgraded from 2.8.X. As part of the upgrade process a backup drive used. If this backup drive is left mounted while doing further upgrades, the problem described is found.

This is described in the following article


Release : 3.X, all versions after 3.0.1



Remove the backup drive after upgrading from 2.8.X to 3.0.X (or any supported upgrade) before proceeding with further upgrades