CA View - SARDBI23 Message Received Indicating Database Filling Up
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CA View - SARDBI23 Message Received Indicating Database Filling Up


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The client received SARDBI23 messages, indicating that the View database data space usage had reached a threshold, to a value of 87%, and the client wanted to know what action to take.



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


Before seeing if any data space needed to be added, to see what kind of drop there first could be in the data space usage, had the client run a View standard backup (/F sarstc,DUMP).

As a result, their data space usage dropped from 87% to 36%, out of critical range.

Reviewed the following with the client:

. SARINIT parameters:

. . DAYS - Changed from DAYS=NNNNNNY to DAYS=NNYNNNY, so that there will be an additional standard backup run on Wednesday, to go with the one standard backup run on Sunday.

. . EROOPT=YES and use of SARSTC //SARPATAB DD ... - The client's ERO table was based on DRETPD and RETPD for retention of all reports.

. . NGENI=... - Recommended that client set to NGENI=3.

. . PRETAIN=TABLE - ERO table is first and only point of retention.

With the change in the DAYS and NGENI parameters, the client will recycle the related SARSTC task.