APM SaaS - Unable to login error : OVERRIDE.ERROR.CODE.5011110


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


This KB explains how to troubleshoot and workaround the OVERRIDE.ERROR.CODE.5011110 that occurs when trying to login to APM SaaS






1. Login using a Private window, for example, in Chrome using a "New Incognito Window"

2. Clear the browser cache and cookies.

3. Use a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox

4. Check with your IT group to whitelist 'https://axa.dxi-na1.saas.broadcom.com' url

The 'Authorization' header is set during the API calls by the sppclient application, so if any modifications are made then the DXI server will reject as the authorization header isn't correct.

5. Ask your IT team to capture some pcap files using wireshark and analize the trace being sent inbound to the proxy and then outbound from the proxy to DXI, specifically looking to verify the 'Authorization' header exists in the outbound packet, like below:

              "name": "Proxy-Authorization",
              "value": "Negotiate ..."

If the problem persists, capture the HAR as below and open a support case.
The HAR file provide detailled information about the login process

Steps to create a HAR file:

1. open browser and navigate to https://axa.dxi-na1.saas.broadcom.com/sppclient/#/login
2. open dev tools by clicking F12 (or using the menu option)
If you don't have access to devtools try to use install Firefox
3. navigate to the 'Network' tab and click the trash icon to clear any previous data.
4. enter username, password, and tenantid into the form field and click 'sign in'.
5. right-click in the network area and select 'save all as HAR'.
6. send the generated .har file.